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the snail - antiquefables.com

Before the evolution of the modern man when the snail had no shell, back then the snail used to be one of the fastest small mammals in the forest. The snail had an impressive average top speed of 14 kph exceeding the average speed of the rat by 1 kph. The snail with his speed and mobility could travel any length to get the best of the animal food in the forest which includes vegetables, seeds, nuts, small animals or insects.

Although the snail had a major advantage compared to other small animals, still it faced many dangers from numerous predators namely dogs, wolves, snakes and birds of prey such as hawks and falcons. The snail sought to protect itself from its predators as much as possible approached mother nature to grant the request of a protective shell covering and also its present body adapted to its new covering.

The snail’s petition was granted. The snail got a shell as a protective cover against its predators. After some time the snail became depressed because he had lost his mobility and speed as a result of the heavy shell covering on its back. The snail could no longer move swiftly to obtain and eat the best of the animal food, he resorted to eating plants and vegetables in its nearness. As if things would not get any better for the snail, the snail got evicted from the annual Small Animals Athletics Championship (SMAC) because the snail now possessed a  top speed of  0.003 miles per hour labeled as the slowest animal in the world.

Moral Lesson

  • Attack is the secret of defence; defence is the planning of an attack – Sun Tzu

Written by: Olayiwola Akinnagbe



antiquefables.com - formless nature of water

antiquefables.com - formless nature of water

Once upon a time in the animal kingdom, during the rainy season, the animals had an immense problem with flooding. Torrential rainfalls would inundate their farmlands and houses resulting in massive destruction of their crops and properties.

A community meeting was held to solve the flood menace, there the hawk argued that since water was the cause of their problem, they had to arrest water and lock him up in a dam. All the animals agreed to do as the hawk proposed and they thanked him for his brilliant idea. They built a dam and made water flow into it, unfortunately, rain would fall and the dam will collapse giving way for water to overflow causing intense flooding.

The animals would dam water all over again, the sun would shine and heat up water and it would vanish into thin air only to come down as rainfall flooding their farmlands and houses like ever before.

Although the animals possessed great numbers and strength complemented with high-level intelligence, they couldn’t defeat a less formidable opponent in form of water because of its formless nature.

Moral Lesson

  • Formlessness is in the eye of the enemy who cannot see what they are up to and so has nothing solid to attack.

Written by: Olayiwola Akinnagbe



the mysterious puzzle antiquefables.com

In a college in Venice, a great puzzle had been placed on the notice board of the school by the founder of the school. For the past twenty years of the school’s existence, all the final year students would be availed the opportunity to try and solve the mysterious puzzle but no one could obtain the solution to the mysterious puzzle. It was once rumoured by some junior students that the solution to the puzzle lies beneath the great Tyrrhenian sea.

Fabio one of the final year students widely regarded as a student who was incapable of learning by his teachers made known of his intention to solve the puzzle much to the shock and the disdain of his classmates. Fabio employed every trick in the book possible to solve the puzzle but the solution continued to elude him. Fabio determined to get what he wants, set the puzzle on fire. He said to himself after the ignoble act, “the puzzle is burnt, there is no puzzle to solve anymore hence the solution “.

As soon as the news of Fabio’s act filled the school atmosphere immediately an assembly was called for by the founder. During the assembly, the founder pronounced Fabio as the smartest student in the school and will be duly rewarded, turns out there was no possible answer to the puzzle all along.

Moral Lesson

Written by Olayiwola Akinnagbe – antiquefables.com



african eagle and its disobedient child

african eagle and its disobedient child

An African eagle once had a child who was fond of disobeying her. In Africa, the Eagles believe that the best way to scold a child is to employ the use of the rod vigorously. They were of the assumption that an evil spirit possessing a child is responsible for the anomalous behaviour (s) exhibited by the child and the only way to make the evil spirit leave the child is to employ the use of the rod.

Over time, the mother observed that the more she chastised her child the more the child disobeyed her and also the more she grew resistant to her punishments. Henceforth, she opted to do things differently.

One day the child erred, the mother having enough of her child’s antics angrily picked the rod and proceeded for her child. She moved closer to her simultaneously striking the wall with great force just where her child was standing and screaming at her what she would do to her if she dares take her for granted again.

The child trembling in fear as a result of the vibrating force of the rod on the wall and its resonant effect although the rod didn’t touch her she cried profusely with hot streams of tears flowing down her cheeks. She apologized to her mom promising to change for the better.

Moral Lesson

  • Drop the threats and lose the stress: you can raise great kids with love!

Written by: Olayiwola Akinnagbe – AntiqueFables



The dog and his wife had an irreconcilable fight. They both got separated and they argued who was going to kill each other first. The dog was the strongest of all animals not even the big cats would dare him to a fight.

The dog felt it was unfair for a powerful being like him to kill his wife with a weapon, he concluded he was going to beat her to death with his bare hands. Next day he went searching for his wife, found her and began beating her. As he was beating her she began to insult him claiming a powerful being like him is not ashamed of beating a weak being like her.

On hearing this the dog lost his composure and he became exceedingly angry, the wife noticed her husband has lost his sense of reasoning pulled out a small knife from her back and stabbed him in his heart. Please leave a comment

Writer: Olayiwola Akinnagbe – AntiqueFables