Share Your Fables

Share Your Fables

Thinking about sharing your tales with Antique Fables? If so Antique Fables believes  also that we all have fables to tell. We are of the opinion that each fable is an important piece of the puzzle of life that deserves to be told.

We provide a massive sharing platform viewed from all over nations of the world  just to tell your stories across our social media channels and affiliate sites. Sharing your story on Antique Fables connects our community, making us stronger and better + more informed.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional writer or you haven’t even written a tale before, what matters is that your tales emphasizes the importance of moral living and it’s full of wisdom.

Benefits of Sharing Your Fables

  • Your stories will be shared online with your name and any social media handle across the nations of the world.
  • You retain the copyright of your stories.
  • Display your stories on Antique Fables Home page upon review.
  • Have your own page with your publications.
  • Recieve notifications about the activities of your stories

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