african eagle and its disobedient child

african eagle and its disobedient child

An African eagle once had a child who was fond of disobeying her. In Africa, the Eagles believe that the best way to scold a child is to employ the use of the rod vigorously. They were of the assumption that an evil spirit possessing a child is responsible for the anomalous behaviour (s) exhibited by the child and the only way to make the evil spirit leave the child is to employ the use of the rod.

Over time, the mother observed that the more she chastised her child the more the child disobeyed her and also the more she grew resistant to her punishments. Henceforth, she opted to do things differently.

One day the child erred, the mother having enough of her child’s antics angrily picked the rod and proceeded for her child. She moved closer to her simultaneously striking the wall with great force just where her child was standing and screaming at her what she would do to her if she dares take her for granted again.

The child trembling in fear as a result of the vibrating force of the rod on the wall and its resonant effect although the rod didn’t touch her she cried profusely with hot streams of tears flowing down her cheeks. She apologized to her mom promising to change for the better.

Moral Lesson

  • Drop the threats and lose the stress: you can raise great kids with love!

Written by: Olayiwola Akinnagbe – AntiqueFables