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In a college in Venice, a great puzzle had been placed on the notice board of the school by the founder of the school. For the past twenty years of the school’s existence, all the final year students would be availed the opportunity to try and solve the mysterious puzzle but no one could obtain the solution to the mysterious puzzle. It was once rumoured by some junior students that the solution to the puzzle lies beneath the great Tyrrhenian sea.

Fabio one of the final year students widely regarded as a student who was incapable of learning by his teachers made known of his intention to solve the puzzle much to the shock and the disdain of his classmates. Fabio employed every trick in the book possible to solve the puzzle but the solution continued to elude him. Fabio determined to get what he wants, set the puzzle on fire. He said to himself after the ignoble act, “the puzzle is burnt, there is no puzzle to solve anymore hence the solution “.

As soon as the news of Fabio’s act filled the school atmosphere immediately an assembly was called for by the founder. During the assembly, the founder pronounced Fabio as the smartest student in the school and will be duly rewarded, turns out there was no possible answer to the puzzle all along.

Moral Lesson

Written by Olayiwola Akinnagbe – antiquefables.com