The dog and his wife had an irreconcilable fight. They both got separated and they argued who was going to kill each other first. The dog was the strongest of all animals not even the big cats would dare him to a fight.

The dog felt it was unfair for a powerful being like him to kill his wife with a weapon, he concluded he was going to beat her to death with his bare hands. Next day he went searching for his wife, found her and began beating her. As he was beating her she began to insult him claiming a powerful being like him is not ashamed of beating a weak being like her.

On hearing this the dog lost his composure and he became exceedingly angry, the wife noticed her husband has lost his sense of reasoning pulled out a small knife from her back and stabbed him in his heart. Please leave a comment

Writer: Olayiwola Akinnagbe – AntiqueFables

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  1. This gives a very strong message. That you always have a way out regardless of the situation you are in, if you analyze it well. Well written!😊

  2. It teaches us that we shouldn’t be so full of ourselves…The dog was so self confident that because he was the strongest, he could kill his wife and that wasn’t the case at the end.

    • Thank you for your time. The wife also was meticulous paying attention to little details. She knows her husband has a weakness of anger and she exploited it.

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