A snake chased by hunters asked a farmer to save its life. To hide it from its pursuers, the farmer squatted and let the snake crawl into his belly. But when the danger had passed and the farmer asked the snake to come out, the snake refused. It was warm and safe inside. On his way home, the man saw a heron and went up to him and whispered what had happened. The heron told him to squat and strain to eject the snake. When the snake snuck its head out, the heron caught it, pulled it out, and killed it.



The farmer was worried that the snake’s poison might still be inside him and the heron told him that the cure for snake poison was to cook and eat six white fowl. “You’re a white fowl,” said the farmer. “You’ll do for a start.” He grabbed the heron, put it in a bag, and carried it home, where he hung it up while he told his wife what had happened. “I’m surprised at you, ” said the wife. “The bird does you a kindness, rids you of the evil in your belly, saves your life in fact, yet you catch it and talk of killing it. She immediately released the heron, and it flew away. But on its way, it gouged out her eyes.

Moral: When you see water flowing uphill, it means that someone is repaying a kindness


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  1. This is an interesting and insightful story, with a deep intent to awaken the sleeping soul to understand life. Directly or indirectly most humans have hurt another by different actions and activities, some are aware while others feel it’s just normal. Hope we all learn from this story and keep to our words. Be truthful and compassionate! Peace!

    • Glad you like it Maryann, my joy lies in you being able to find tales joyful
      .I love the font on your website may I ask which font it is?

  2. I enjoyed the story very much. It may take some pondering before I can comprehend the full meaning. But that is the joy.

    • Thank you for the kind gesture, Feel free to do whatever you want. It’s amazing how you knew I visited your blog I wish I had such amazing powers

  3. nice one bro, the hunter is truely ingrateful. it fable on should reflect on and apply it vital point in our life

    • Thanks Mr Kay. Although the hunter is indeed ungrateful the hunter’s wife also undermined the authority of the hunter. She released the Heron without the hunter’s knowledge leading to the loss of her eyes. This could teach us to always mind businesses

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